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Read the orderbook as an HFT

QuantBook Version 9

Benefit of the most advanced display of the financial market price with the HFT Sell/Buy Programm detector, the Bid/Ask replenished/added alert, the bull/sell divergence, the bull/sell distortion, the HFT surge indicator and the Iceberg tracker. 

--> Watch how limit orders are moving through the orderbook and how they are changing their position, level by level, any update after any update. Benefit of our HFT tracker pannel to be aware of what's happen on a market making HFT view.

--> See if a resistance is pulled or hit, and how this adding/removing orders process is building the price micro structure.

Never fight against the biggest player but play with them

by considering the gamma depth reading

--> Evaluate and get a clear measure of the gamma limit orders and how these limit orders has been updated (number of cancellation, rate of cancellation, and market order flow reaction)

--> Visualize the moment and the price when the smart money is coming and trade directly from your QuantMap tool! 

Put your trades directly on the QuantMap

Connect your own data feed to the QuantMap and trade with it with a very low latency refresh rate.
Put your trade in one click through the QuantMap then manage your position by watching the price, the volume, and the liquidity changes. 

Get a full view of the orderbook depth

with a milli-seconds refresh rate


See the price moving tick by tick, second by second and insert on it any indicator you want : RSI, MACD, STOCHASTIC, etc. All you need is here and are QuantMap friendly.
Change the time frame or put your chart in price unit, or delta volume unit or range bar. Let you look inside the price!

Market Volume 

Read the market volume through a numerical form with a great graphic visualization. Never forget one contract or one tick. Check it, in different way, by contract, order, tick, or time. Identify how the market orders flow is impacting the depth structure and the price action.

Available Liquidity

Look at our numerical colored Map to see the limit order action of the orderbook, and match it with the quant. 
Get a fantastic visualization of the available liquidity by watching that you can not see with your human eyes and see how the HFT Algo are playing with other participants.

--> Identify the quant pressure, level by level, with a delta and gamma view.

--> Be aware of the anormal, and spoofing HFT activities to profit of them

--> Detecting the market volume interest and the delta depth action.

Our Tool

What do we want to do with this platform ?

                                   - Favorise your orderbook understanding.     
                                   - Let you detect spoofing/layering activities.
                                   - Improve your execution alpha.                             
                                   - Show you the best condition for scalping.                                                                    - Make your trading more profitable on rigged market.     

                                   - Reduce your trading cost.    
                                   - Get better tape and orderbook reading skills.
                                   - Help you for growing your business



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"A really good tool for better understanding the book and scalping futures contract"


#quant #mapping #footprint #statistic

"Probably one of the best tool for learning the market depth micro structure"

Connect your QuantMap v7 on your own broker or datafeed

For helping you to scalp the market with a unique tool.

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